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About Us

Why "Our Pursuit?"

How Did we get here?

People are hurting. Everyone is in progress, transitioning from seasons, phases, and sometimes traumas. This is not good or bad, it just is. This is the reality that we live in. My wife (Melissa) and I (Marc) have walked through varied life experiences. We are not finished and/or "fixed" by any stretch of the imagination, but we have learned the importance of struggling well, together, out loud. That's the point of Our Pursuit. As we continue to grow, learn, change, as we are healed and transformed, we feel it is our joy and great privilege to walk alongside our fellow humans in THEIR pursuit of health. Do we have all the answers? Definitely not. Do we have SOME wisdom? Probably, but we definitely have the ability to offer humanity and understanding to our common traumas and suffering. So...

What is this all about?

It is about us joining our life experiences with yours that we might all journey together. We all have significant moments in our lives that have shaped us positively and negatively in terms of our spiritual, emotional, and physical health. As Marc and I have pursued wholeness, we found a false trichotomy that separates these three areas of our lives; it siloes them away from each other. This frustrates us. We believe strongly that they are all interconnected, and together they help us to develop functional patterns of thinking, relating, and moving. To address one and disregard the others is to address only part of a person. As we share our pursuit of holistic health, we hope to speak truth into all of these areas of your life, because they are all important; they all make 

So, what now? What does all this mean for you?

Great questions, (you're already so good at this!) Check out the site. Look for some topics that jump out at you. Whether a blog post (We know. We know. People still read words?) or a Youtube video/podcast, hopefully you will find something there that nourishes your soul, something that reminds you that it is okay to not be okay as you seek to understand what "okay" even means for you, and maybe even something that challenges you. We're excited to welcome you into the journey with us, a journey towards spiritual, emotional, and physical wholeness.
Welcome to our pursuit. 

Get to know us


Melissa Salcedo


Melissa works as an accountant during the day and a group fitness instructor at night. Don't let the mild-mannered, straight-laced accountant fool you. Her alter ego as a loud, energetic Zumba and bootcamp instructor is a force to be reckoned with. 

In her "free time," Melissa has done things like captaining Team Riverside for Team World Vision and raising money to construct a well for a village in Africa. She has a passion for others to realize they are stronger than they think they are. Having already dedicated so much of her life to motivating others to be/do their best, she is excited to funnel that passion into Our Pursuit

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